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Gladiator Manager

Mix of strategy, role-playing and manager games, where you manage your gladiator team in fantasy world
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Seppo Suorsa
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12 April 2009

Editor's review

While feeling bored at home we usually prefer logging on to the web to dive into the thrilling virtual world of games to test our skills there. Of these engaging games, war-games usually grab the attention of many. These games test your strategy building skills and give you the inimitable feel. One such war game that can offer you the much yearning joy is Gladiator Manager 1.2. It’s a gladiator fight game, where you’ve to hire the gladiators, and require equipping them with weapons, spells and armors. You require playing with best possible strategy to make your gladiators team survive in the battlefield. Not only you can enjoy fighting in battlefield, but also can keep a proper record of each war and the profits you’ve earned. Further, the game integrates different gladiators for you to choose from, such as wise Wizards, tough Barbarians, extremely strong Minotaurs, and more.

With Gladiator Manager 1.2, your objective is leading your gladiator team to League Championship. In the game-play, you’ve to hire gladiators and arm them several equipments and skills. Though, entire classes have some strengths and weaknesses, but you have to master the logical and strategic skills before fighting the League’s top teams. Before beginning the game, you must read instructions that support you in understanding the game well. Then Start new game, where you can mention other team’s names, and select one for yourself. Now, before actually entering the battlefield you can hire gladiators, buy equipment, buy spells, train gladiators, view other teams, check out league table, cup table, and the schedule. Your team’s details are shown in right pane relating gladiators, their salary, health status, skills, weapons, etc. Your hired gladiators’ weapons and their magic skills would improve with experience. Choose gladiators for each match, and enjoy playing while moving strategically.

Not just these, but the Gladiator Manager 1.2 includes several other associated features such as statistics, player, save/load game, hire/fire gladiator, strength, hitpoints, championships, CUP victories, casting, Know-Outs, matches, and more. The utility is found deserving to get 3.5 rating points for the extensive feature-set coupled with credible program performance.

Publisher's description

Gladiator Manager has some similarities to the numerous football manager games, but the matches are even more brutal than on the football fields. You hire gladiators and equip them with weapons, armours and spells if you want that your team survives on the bloody fields of gladiator fights. There are various different gladiator classes, for example wise Wizards, agile and tough Barbarians and extremely strong Minotaurs. Gladiators have a set of weapon and magic skills that improve by experience. All classes have some weaknesses and strengths, that you must master before you have a chance to match the top teams of the League.
The battles are held in different arenas and they are shown using 2D-graphics. You give orders to your gladiators as they move on the battlefield, use their melee and missile weapons and cast spells. The rules of the battle are simple: the team that has the last man (or woman, or beast) standing is the winner of the match.
Test do you have the skills to be the Gladiator Manager!
Gladiator Manager
Gladiator Manager
Version 1.2
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I love this game and I have played it for whole week and won championship at year 917. I just don`t like set that when a gladiator retires, his weapon and armor value will lose. This forces me to fire gladiator I love at their final season.
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